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About Boldly Quiet Leadership Academy

and its featured instructors

Boldly Quiet Consulting

was founded to help quiet professionals maximize their potential in a way that is both authentic and effective. Along the way, Lorraine McCamley, Boldly Quiet's founder, discovered that many leaders (whether or not they are quiet) struggle with how to interact within a broader system. Thus was born the 

Boldly Quiet Leadership Academy

challenging people leaders and human resources professionals to challenge themselves, build self-awareness, and look at situations from a different perspective.

Lorraine McCamley, MSOD

My name is Lorraine McCamley and I am the owner of Boldly Quiet Consulting.  My coaching practice is focused on helping high-potential, talented leaders--who also happen to be quiet, internally motivated and energized thinkers--to understand, celebrate, and optimize their natural talents so they can be successful leaders of others while being authentic and true to themselves.

I am a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, a designation I pursued because of the impact that understanding and leveraging my natural talents had on both my personal and professional life.  I learned that being an introvert wasn't something I needed to fix.

My corporate career was spend on the business side in financial services.  I decided to obtain my master's degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania when I realized how much I really enjoyed using my strengths to help leaders develop and to understand and improve team dynamics.

I like to describe myself as "quiet on the outside, but loud on the inside!"

Laura Bowles

Founder of The New Normal, LLC., Laura Bowles, focuses her coaching and training practice on partnering with women during transitional periods of their lives, helping them achieve success in personal and professional spaces - however they choose to define it. Consistently commended by clients for her patient, creative, and encouraging approach, she fosters an environment of reflection, growth, and inspiration that moves individuals forward to healthy and transformational actions.

Laura earned her degree at the College of William and Mary, trained as a Leadership Coach at George Mason University, and is credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. Laura completed training and has ample experience in Parent Education and Child Development, Conflict Coaching, Mediation, and Employment Counseling.

Laura lives in Fairfax, VA, with her husband and two children. She enjoys running, cooking, and reading, when she gets a few of those elusive spare minutes.

For more information about these offerings, customization options, keynote presentations, or other thought leadership, please set up a call or email Lorraine McCamley, owner of Boldly Quiet Consulting, at [email protected].