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Welcome to the Boldly Quiet Leadership Academy, where people leaders and human resources professionals--whether they are quiet or not--are challenged to learn and grow.

The Boldly Quiet Leadership Academy

 is for people who:

  • Are excited about learning

  • Want to be challenged

  • Are looking for a different perspective

  • If this is you, explore our courses!

    Flip the Script on Conflict: Leading Confidently Through Tense Times

    Does the word “conflict” invoke fear and anxiety when you hear it? Do you feel equipped to handle conflicts when they arise? This course offers a new lens for embracing conflict as an opportunity to strengthen relationships and teams.

    Learn to adopt the mindset and tools necessary to move beyond fear and harness the transformative power of conflict at work.

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    Identifying and Developing Quiet Talent

    Quiet talent is often overlooked talent. How do organizations perpetuate a bias against introverts and otherwise quiet professionals and how can people leaders and HR professionals help find and cultivate this hidden talent?

    This course is designed to challenge you to look beyond the stereotype and maximize the potential of this unique and diverse talent!

    Utilizing Your Strengths 

    Are you ready to build your self-awareness by focusing on what is right with you, instead of what you (or others) perceive is wrong with you? This course is a unique combination of a strengths assessment, self-paced learning, and individual coaching.

    Learn how you can authentically excel as you build relationships, strategically think, influence others, and get things done!

    Beyond Inclusion: Team Dynamics that Influence Belonging

    Does your organization have diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in place but many people do not feel they belong? The cause may be more complex than you think!

    Learn what team dynamics may be in play in specific situations and how you can successfully navigate--or overcome--these complex obstacles.

    Successfully Onboarding Quiet Leaders

    A new leader is expected to build a high-performing team and strong network, solve all of the team's issues, increase revenue and reduce costs in six months or less. Does your onboarding process set up a new leader--who may be on the quieter side--for success?

    In this course, learn the key components of an onboarding program that will accelerate the effectiveness of your new leaders.

    Raise Your Visibility in the Workplace

    You are ambitious and ready for that next role. You are a hard worker and a high performer, but you feel overlooked and undervalued. What can you do to be in front of the line for new opportunities?

    In this course, understand the importance of owning who you are, building your network, elevating your professional presence, and challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone. 

    Amplifying Quiet Change Leaders

    Executive sponsors play a critical role in the successful implementation of a major change initiative. These change leaders are asked to be communicators, advocates, coaches, liaisons, and resistance managers. Can you ensure your change leaders who are quiet--because of personality or cultural norm-- are actively engaged in and prepared to lead?

    Learn how to get the most out of your quiet leaders during a major change initiative.

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